Update your PC software via software informer

Software Informer is a freeware program that mainly acts as a software updater.

Software informer interface

I have talked previously about how to keep your pc drivers up to date and this via two great and free applications Driver easy and device doctor but now i need to make my software and applications installed on my pc also updated and this can be done by small utility called software informer client.

How software informer client (freeware) works?

It tracks your system and provides you with a list of software installed on your PC and offer a link for downloading the update thus giving you an opportunity to create your own software profile via registering.
It’s a small application and works on Windows 9x/XP/Vista.

Sign up for free account at software informer

Create Your own account enables you :-

  • getting information about possible updates with their download links.
  • To know what programs are the most used by other SI users.
  • to get an easy access to diverse software related information such as news, reviews,updates download links, descriptions, other SI users’ opinions and useful tips & tricks that can help you to decide on the right program and download it at the right time.
  • to ask questions, to get feedback and help and to share your opinion.
  • it’s free

Download software informer client

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