Firefox is the best alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla firefox is the most popular internet browser on the net.

Some Firefox benifits : –

  • Super Speed internet browser
  • Maximum Security & Privacy provided
  • Newest Web Technologies included as CSS2.1,CSS3,HTML5 …… ( important to Web site authors and developers )
  • Firefox is available in over 70 languages
  • Ftefox works on Windows , Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
  • See full mozilla Firefox Features

Add-ons for Firefox : –

Customize Firefox with thousands of free extensions, themes and increase firefox functionality with add-ons.

Make web faster,cleaner and stop using microsoft internet explorer

Upgrade now to the award winning internet browser Firefox and stop using microsoft internet explorer especially (IE6) the uglest one which found by default in windows xp and below . Even IE8 the newest one i still fount it useless and uncomparred to firefox or google chrome.

Mozilla firefox


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