Upload Files To Multiple Hosts using Gazup

Make file sharing easier by uploading a file to multiple sharing sites, Gazup can mirror your file across many of the popular free file hosts

Gazup features : –

  • save time by uploading files to multiple hosts in one
  • save bandwidth, as you’ll only need to upload your file once
  • If you upload a video Gazup will add a screenshot presentation next to your file download link
  • Keep track of existing uploads (edit, reup, delete, etc) via user control panel
  • Get alerts when a mirror goes down and if someone comments on your file or when a mirror has finished uploading
  • View your rewards history and see how much cash you have made
  • 100% free service and free account registration

How Gazup works ?


How Gazup works

How Gazup works

1) Select file from your computer and upload

  • Any file, any format.
  • Max file size 400MB.
  • Up to 8 file hosts available.

2) Gazup servers rapidly mirror your file to selected hosts.

  • Gigabit speeds!
  • Save time and bandwidth.
  • No daily limits at all.

3) Grab and share the download links!

  • Awesome mirror pages.
  • Easily share with people online.
  • Lots of unique features.

Benefits of regisering an account ?

Uploading a file is free and requires no registration, but if you sign up for an account, you can manage your uploaded files.

1 – you will have access to your own private control panel. From there you’ll be able to manage your files, points and settings with ease.
2 – You’ll have more control of your uploads, such as the ability to “reup” files if a mirror is deleted, edit description, moderate comments etc.
3 – You can upload directly to your file hosting accounts and enroll in bonus programs. ( as rapidshare account )

Visit Gazup and start using this great service for free

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