Direct Download Links will conduct a monthly Digital Giveaways for Great paid Software,games,paid services and more.

Direct Download Links Giveaways

Direct Download Links Giveaways is a technology blog dedicated to providing our valued visitors a direct download links to a great and useful stuff as :-

  • Handpicked freeware posts with great benefit to users which will be alternative to paid ones.
  • Free Digital games.
  • Great free web tools and web services.
  • Useful apps for smartphones and tips.
  • New: Free Digital Giveaways to :-
  1. Full functional paid software
  2. Download original PC games and for other consoles
  3. Premium subscription to paid web services and tools
  4. Paid Smartphones apps and more

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Direct Download Links Digital Giveaways

1 – Free Amazon Gift card Giveaway

  • Prizes are 5 free amazon gift cards for 5 lucky winners ( 10 $ each )
  • This competition held from ( 2:00PM 25th April 2016 To 2:00PM 15th May 2016 )
  • Winners are :-
  1. Jeslyn Bartlett
  2. Pam Bezanson-Soard
  3. Tiffany Dillon
  4. Brook Rodriguez
  5. Kristy Milland

2- Announced Soon