Top 5 best free internet browsers

There are many internet browsers which compete to satisfy users with great features here is the best 5 browsers for 2016

top 5 internet browsers for 2016

Top 5 internet browsers for 2016

What you should consider when choosing your Web browser ?

  • There are many factors to determine the quality of web browsers which are :-
  1. Simple Design and ease of use.
  2. Easy to Installation & updates regularly.
  3. Speed & Compatibility : Internet browsers should load fast and compatible with most operating systems.
  4. Provides great practical and useful features.
  5. Security :Good privacy settings, pop-up blockers and anti-spyware enable safe Internet surfing.

Web browsers compatibility across platforms :-

Web browsers popularity :-

Web browsers market share desktop

Desktop Web browsers market share

Mobile Web browsers market share

Mobile Web browsers market share

Source :-  Net market share website

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Which browser is best?

For me Google Chrome is the best web browser because its simplicity and fast loading also for the great addition of apps and extension

What is your best internet browser ?

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