Google Docs a free web based office suite

Google Docs is Google’s free web-based word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application. The online app allows users to easily share documents and collaboratively work on them in real-time.

Google office suit docs

Google docs is your online office suite

Google Docs Advantages :-

  • Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.
  • Upload your existing files to Google Docs from your computer.
  • You can Choose who can access your documents.
  • There’s nothing to download access your files via internet and it’s free.
  • Online storage and auto-save mean you needn’t fear local hard drive failures or power outages.
  • You can save your documents and spreadsheets to your own computer in many formats.
  • You can publish your documents online with one click, as normal-looking web pages.
  • Once you’ve created a document, you can post it to your blog.

Get Started and give Google Docs a try

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