Fix and play corrupted AVI video files

How many times you spent hours downloading a movie (with avi extension) from internet or copy from CD, DVD or any other source and found it broken and doesn’t play ? for me too many So, we need an application to fix and repair broken avi videos files.

There are many applications can fix broken avi files. i will mention here Free Two of them .

1. Fix Player : –

Fix Player Can Repair And Play Corrupt AVI Video File

Which files Fix Player can repair ?

Fix Player fixs broken AVI files, partly downloaded files,AVI video freezing,and broken video files copied from CD, DVD or any other source.Video file have not completely copied from CD, DVD or other source.

Fix Player useful features : –

  • You can repair broken AVI files.
  • View partily download files.
  • Download part of the file from internet, and preview it to deside if you want download file completely.
  • Repair file from the broken CD or DVD disk.

I would’t recommend using Fix Player for playing videos. You can use VLC media player instead .

Download Fix Player for free

2.  DivFix++ : –

DivFix++ is FREE AVI Video Fix & Preview program and it was designed to easily repair broken AVI file streams by rebuilding index part of file.

DivFix++ features : –

  • DivFix++ is a cross-platform.
  • AVI repair program that rebuilds the index file within the .AVI container to restore your movie to a functional state.
  • The interface and operation is straight forward.
  • DivFix++ available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


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