Defrag Your Disk Drive files easily with free defrag utility

windows disk defragmenter integrated in windows xp os is less than optimum solution for your disk defragmentation problem.

defraggler main interface

Freeware :-

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a commercial defragmentation tool when you can use Defraggler for free. Defraggler is brought to you by the same guys who made CCleaner, a useful file and registry cleaning software.

How Defraggler works :-

  • Defraggler works first by analyzing the drive for fragmented files and folders and gives you the option to choose which file to defrag or not with the ability to defrag individual file or complete drive ( unique feature ) . It gives you status of the defrag process and the option to pause/start and restart whenever you like. using your computer while the program is running doesn’t affect it’s performance.

Download Defraggler

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